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Using the most advanced responsive technology your new website from Finding GodsWay is state of the art, designed to scale up and down to fit any screen size - computer, smartphone, tablet, even large-screen HDTVs.

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  1. Everyone associated with Finding GodsWay are long-standing members of the Christian Church, and Finding GodsWay exclusively serves Churches and Ministries.
  2. Finding GodsWay never leaves you on your own. We customize a website for you and help you keep your website content up to date.
  3. Finding GodsWay provides you with a great responsive website that reflows to fit a screen of any size, ensuring it will work well into the future, even as new devices and screen sizes come to market.

We make it easy for you and no web skills are needed on your part.

It's easy to get started, choose your website style, then your web package, and sign up.

Our commitment is genuine and our service is outstanding!

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